IT Faculty: Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values:


Towards a competitive faculty providing distinguished academic programs, scholarly research, and sustainable connections with the society.


IT faculty aims to provide an efficient educational and research environment that enhances creativity and development within various fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). IT Faculty ensures the provision of high-quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs preparing its graduates to compete in national and international market sectors, serve their communities, continue their graduate studies, and conduct world-class research.


CS Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):​

Ø​ PEO 1: Develop graduates capable of pursing graduate studies, able to communicate effectively considering ethical principles and apply their knowledge to play active roles in professional environments to succeed in their careers. This PEO maps with (Education) strategic goal.


Ø PEO 2: Provide graduates able to use their comprehensive knowledge and skills of computer science to creatively solve challenging problems and provide effective support to the society in various computing areas. This PEO maps with (Community Service) strategic goal.


Ø PEO 3: Deliver graduates able to conduct high quality research and provide innovative solutions supporting the ICT industry. This PEO maps with (Research and Innovation) strategic goal.


·        Student service.

·        Community Service.

·        Developing skills and capabilities and increasing employment opportunities.

·        Achieving goals and results effectively and responsibly.

·        Effective cooperation and teamwork.

·        Support scientific research, leadership and innovation.

·        Honesty and accountability.

·        Achieving high standards of professionalism and integrity.

·        Continuous improvement and evaluation.

·        Excellence in quality, accreditation and criticism.

·        Support adaptability, flexibility and development of students, faculty and staff.