Student Yahya Al-Taei from the Department of Software Engineering at Mutah University/College of Information Technology participated in a software project in the Climate Change Hackathon in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the World Food Programme (WFP) with the aim of working on innovative solutions to the climate challenges facing Jordan in the fields of agriculture, energy, water, and solid waste through the employment and use of artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing techniques.

Zain Jordan announced, through its Zinc platform, that the Farm Jo team won the first place, where the CEO of the company, Fahad Al-Jassem, honored the project members.

 • Na'ayem Al Manaseer

 • Yahya Al-Taei

 • Ilham Al-Taei

Support agreements will be signed for the project to join the list of projects and startups supported by the Zain innovation platform, the number of which has so far exceeded 220 companies and projects.

programming competition-Mutah University Competitive Programming contest.