Professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Hassanat's name has been included in the list of the best 2% of scientists for the year 2021,issued annually by Stanford University and Elsevier Publishing House.

Professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Hasanat thanked Professor Dr. Arafat Awajan, Head of the University, for his support of scientific research in the last two years. He also thanked his fellow researchers who worked with him to achieve this achievement.

- Dr. Ahmed Salem Al-Tarawneh

- Dr. Ghada Awad Al-Tarawneh

 - Dr. Mahmoud Bashir Al-Hasanat

 - Dr. Muhammad Al-Abadi

 - Ms. Esraa Al Kafawin

 - Dr. Muhammad Sharari al-Kasasbeh

 - Dr. Awni Hammouri

 - Dr. Hamza Eyal Salman

 - Dr. Ghazi Al-Naimat

 - Dr. Omar Lassameh

 - Dr. Hossam Fares

 - Dr. Bassam Mahadin

- Dr. Muhammad Al-Mussaidi


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