The College of Information Technology was established at the beginning of the 2016 academic year as an extension of the computer science department which was established in 1984. The college has a number of specializations for bachelor's degrees in computer science, computer information systems, software engineering, and master's in computer science.

The departments of the college have witnessed a qualitative development by adopting the latest academic plans and developing new disciplines that keep up with the developments of the labor market and the modern technological revolution.

The College includes many faculty members in various academic disciplines who have the knowledge and high abilities to fine-tune and guide the students' skills to achieve the best level of education for them. The College also provides many laboratories equipped with the latest computer equipments and its annexes, which form a cornerstone during the educational process for students. The College is keen to adopt many scientific activities and seminars in order to keep pace with the latest technological developments and contribute to raising the scientific level of students and staff.

The University of Mu'tah aims to provide the local labor market with qualified and competent staff in the fields of information technology and modern technology tools, and to strive to develop its programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels on an ongoing basis to improve the product and meet the needs of the local community.

Departments and degrees awarded by the College:

-  Department of Computer Science

                      ​Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

                      Bachelor of information security and Digital Evidences

                      Master of Science in Computer Science

-  Department of Data Science

                      Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

                      Bachelor of  Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

-  Department of Software Engineering

                      Bachelor of Software Engineering



Dean of Informatin Technology College

Prof. Mohammad Ali Abbadi