Our vision in the College of Information Technology is to be ahead in its academic and research programs compared to other of Information Technology faculties in both national and international levels.


Providing the local and national community with the distinctive qualified graduates who are capable of development and innovation; keeping up with the technological development in the labor market to enhance the faculty's role in meeting the demands of current and future labor market to find job opportunities for graduates; offering academic degree programs –at the undergraduate and graduate levels- that combine theory and practice to be competitive on the national and international markets.


1. First objective: To continuously develop and expand the programs offered by the faculty in both undergraduate and graduate levels.
2. Second objective: To keep up with the labor market changes in order to improve the employment rates of the graduate students and increase students' enrollment in the faculty's programs.
3. Third objective: To develop the faculty members to achieve Excellency in the teaching and research areas and to attract academic experts.
4. Fourth objective: To increasing the level of benefit from the advanced development in IT in the university to support all the academic and administrative tasks of the University.
5.  Fifth objective: To activate the partnership between the faculty and the local community, in particular, to interact with educational, cultural, social and economic issues.
6.  Sixth objective: To enhance education and e-learning and concentrating on the sources of educational technology.
7.  Seventh objective: To create an academic environment that balances both the increasing number of students and faculty capacity.


Information Technology Faculty is committed to ensure a set of norms towards achieving the faculty mission and its internal and external relations with students and the society, which include the following:
1. Providing its students with academic and administrative support services.
2. Improving the effectiveness of achieving goals and outcomes' assessment process.
3. Supporting collaborative partnerships and team work.
4. Supporting academic and scientific research.
5. Monitoring responsibility and honesty.
6. Ensuring high level of quality and integrity.
7. Commitment to continuous quality assurance and enhancement.
8. Developing distinguished quality services and reviews.
9. Supporting invention, adoption and flexible environment for both faculty members and students.​