Computer Information Systems Department was established in 2018/2019 two years after the establishment of the Faculty of Information Technology, which was established in 2016/2017. Currently, the department has 13 faculty members, distributed as follows: One professor, seven assistant professor and five full-time lecturer.

The department offers a bachelor's degree in two major IT disciplines over a period of four years with 132 credit hours. The two major IT disciplines in the department are distributed as follows:

·       Computer information Systems.

·       Software Engineering.

The Department of Computer Information Systems was established to cope with the evolution and requirements of the information technology world. The department provides students with a variety of subjects related to information systems analysis and design, data retrieval systems, data warehousing and data mining, network management, e-commerce and related studies.

Software Engineering program aims to prepare students for a bright career in various fields of software engineering such as software project management, software engineering requirements, software building and modeling. Software engineering is the core of software designing and maintenance. It covers topics including core processes in software lifecycle, mathematical fundamentals in software engineering and requirements analysis, software engineering techniques, software structure and reuse principles, software quality and validity issues, software development, programming and software maintenance required by the graduate. These are to obtain more advanced professional qualifications in the future.


Head of CIS Department: Dr. Suleyman AlShowarah


Department E-mail: